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My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow


The largest group on the government’s terrorist watch list have one absurd thing in common

There are 680,000 people in the U.S. government’s terrorist screening database. But it turns out you don’t exactly need to be an actual terrorist to make the cut.

A copy of the watch list leaked to the Intercept revealed that 280,000 people — more than 40% of the database — have “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.”

Is it really making us safer? 




Mass UFO Sightings Over Houston

Reports of UFO sightings all over Houston, Texas took the social media by storm a few nights ago with pictures if a circular UFO popping up all over Twitter.

People from all over the city of Houston were posting pictures of a circular UFO that seemed to be following a thunderstorm going through the area.

One witness captured a short video of the UFO.

Watch the video here!


I’ve been quietly freaking out over this the past couple days. This is where I live and I’m never going outside at night again. That sucker is massive! 😨👾


that smile :-)follow me on twitter B)

shes so perfect


that smile :-)

follow me on twitter B)

shes so perfect